Gritty Books

What you’ll find in the pages of GRITTY PRESS books are heavy doses of action, self-reliance, steel nerves, sheer terror, resolve in the face of unbeatable odds, stories that quicken the pulse and stir a grim smile, the sort of smile that happens just before something happens….


Gritty PressOkay, so what’s this Gritty stuff, anyway?

gritty | gritē |

adjective (grittier, grittiest)
 1 Containing or covered with grit.
 2 Tough and uncompromising. Showing courage and resolve:

The gritty pioneer fought the grizzly barehanded. And won.

Life is short, so grip your Bowie knife in one fist and set your stance. You never know when a big ol’ silvertip bull grizz might be coming in fast, chuffing, bellowing, snapping his teeth, popping his jaw, raking up great clods of dirt, and barreling straight for that stranded wagonload of pioneer young’uns just behind you….

Keep It Gritty.™

Team Gritty

Team Gritty's camp near Rock Creek, Custer National Forest, Montana

Team Gritty’s camp near Rock Creek, Custer National Forest, Montana. (Who knew Snowy’s a treehugger?)

The Mayos run Gritty Press and rove North America in their Tiger Bengal TX 4×4 Adventure Vehicle in search of hot coffee, tasty whiskey, and high adventure. Stop by their blog, Trail Dust, often to keep up with their latest missives from the road, but watch where you step—the tarantulas are loose again.

And remember—Keep It Gritty.