A gritty short story of redneck revenge



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Hot off the griddle, it’s the latest sizzling lunch special from Gritty Press: GET TEAGUE!, a gritty short story of redneck revenge. White-trash dimwits Judd and Kurl set out on a drug-fueled mission to track down the man they blame for their addictions — they... read more

Team Gritty & the New HQ

Where, oh where, has Team Gritty been? Ah ha! You mean aside from the 12 months of full-time roving all over the US map? Of poking and prodding and flipping over rocks in 40 states?

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Wrong Town - Roamer Book 1WRONG TOWN left me stunned and has to be ranked in my own personal top 10 of Westerns that I have read…. The opening chapter has Roamer fighting for his life against a grizzly bear—the read has an authentic feel to it as though the writer had lived through such an ordeal…. This book reads like a movie and is gripping from start to finish.

Raymond Foster (aka Jack Giles)

Western author

The Witch Hole CoverLet me admit, this type of tale is not usually my favorite. I can’t really tell you why, except that I wasn’t the kid who was into the mystery comics and such when I was young. And this one reads as if it would fit perfectly in an old DC House of Mystery or an EC comic. That, however, is the reason that I liked it as much as I did–because as I read it, I could see the artwork, I could see the creepy green and black coloring. The set up, the premise, and the characters smack heavily and enjoyably of that 1950s and 60s weird tale comic story, even though it’s in prose.

Tommy Hancock

All Pulp

Winters' WarIf you haven’t read a Matthew P. Mayo novel yet, then you’re missing out. This novel is pure Mayo: Well-written, gritty, and peppered with enough fierce and spunky characters to populate two novels. Really, what are you waiting for? Mouse up to the buy button and do it now… And keep an eye out for this one, I promise you’re going to hear great things about his Westerns.

Larry D. Sweazy

award-winning author of the Josiah Wolfe, Texas Ranger series