Gritty Books

Gritty Press BooksWhat you’ll find in the pages of GRITTY PRESS books are heavy doses of action, self-reliance, steel nerves, sheer terror, resolve in the face of unbeatable odds, stories that quicken the pulse and stir a grim smile, the sort of smile that happens just before something happens….


Gritty Mission

Gritty Press
The abiding mission here at Gritty HQ is simple: Pepper each day with a pinch of gritty. Team Gritty strives to do that by being proactive and living with intention, aka Keeping It Gritty, one day at a time. And we help others find their own Inner Gritty with our exclusive and growing line of Gritty Goods and Gritty Gear, including Books, Calendars, T-shirts, Hats, Mugs, Brass Knuckles, Moccasins, Bi-planes, Real Live Angry Weasels, and more, much more….

Team Gritty

Ducky in San Angelo, Texas The Mayos run Gritty Press and rove North America in their Ford F250 and Airstream trailer in search of hot coffee, tasty whiskey, and high adventure. Stop by their blog, Trail Dust, often to keep up with their latest missives from the road, but watch where you step—the snakes are loose again.

And remember—Keep It Gritty.