Being an Account from the Lost Papers of The Winters Family Ranch


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(Gritty Press, 218 pages, July 2012)

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(220 pages, Gritty Press, July 2012)

For eight years the Winters family has worked hard to live down the nightmare of a bloody range war. Theirs is now a promising ranch on hard-won land in Wyoming’s rugged Rockies. But on the eve of the season’s first snowstorm a stranger slips in, ripping open old wounds, and devolving their lives into a brutal struggle for survival.

Niall Winters returns from selling his fall herd to find his ranch a burned ruin, his Uncle Drift dead, his wife missing, and the blizzard covering any clues with a whole lot of snow. He heads into the raging maw of the storm determined to confront this demon from his past and salvage the remains of their shattered lives–or die trying. But he has no idea of the horrors that await him.

If you haven’t read a Matthew P. Mayo novel yet, then you’re missing out. This novel is pure Mayo: Well-written, gritty, and peppered with enough fierce and spunky characters to populate two novels. Really, what are you waiting for? Mouse up to the buy button and do it now… And keep an eye out for this one, I promise you’re going to hear great things about his Westerns.

Larry D. Sweazy

award-winning author of the Josiah Wolfe, Texas Ranger series

Fantastic. The characters are so vivid, and I find their actions totally believable but at the same time, refreshing and spellbinding. I laughed out loud….

Laurie Lee Powers

author of Pulp Writer: Twenty Years in the American Grub Street

This is a indeed a gritty book, a fine hardboiled revenge Western. Mayo’s smooth prose keeps things moving along at a fast pace, and the plot twists and turns in a series of well-written action scenes so that the reader can never be sure who will survive and who won’t. The sympathetic characters are appropriately likable and the villains suitably despicable.

WINTERS’ WAR is a fine traditional Western that’s well worth reading, and I’m glad it’s available again in both e-book and trade paperback editions. If you’re a Western fan, you need to check it out.

James Reasoner

best-selling Western author

Winters’ War … is a superb Western adventure that could serve as a textbook of how it’s done.

Gary Dobbs

Western author

Well drawn characters move through an icy snowstorm to one of the best finales that I have ever read. A tense Western written with a fine pace, descriptive and with a good sense of time … like watching a film—I could see it all and feel it. It’s one of those books that gets you so involved with the characters that you don’t want it to end—I’d love to find out what happened next. It’s just the right way to end a book.

Raymond Foster (aka Jack Giles)

Western author

I’m not a frequent reader of Westerns, really, so when I get the urge to read one I’m more and more likely just to reach for a Matt Mayo book. The pacing is always excellent, the characters believable, and the stories a great escape into the archetypal days of old. As a winter guy, I particularly enjoyed the events of this novel taking place in the middle of a snowstorm. I’m not saying there aren’t other quality Western writers out there, I’m just saying that Mayo is certainly among them.

Five-Star Amazon Review