Okay, so what’s this Gritty stuff, anyway?

Gritty Pressgritty | gritē |

adjective (grittier, grittiest)
 1 Containing or covered with grit.
 2 Tough and uncompromising. Showing courage and resolve:

The gritty pioneer fought the grizzly barehanded. And won.

Life is short, so grip your Bowie knife in one fist and set your stance. You never know when a big ol’ silvertip bull grizz might be coming in fast, chuffing, bellowing, snapping his teeth, popping his jaw, raking up great clods of dirt, and barreling straight for that stranded wagonload of pioneer young’uns just behind you….

Keep It Gritty.™

Gritty Mission

Gritty Press publishes stories of adventure brimming with fear, humor, fortitude, courage, and strength—all topped with heaping helpings of white-knuckle action.

The abiding mission here at Gritty HQ is simple: Keep It Gritty. Every single day. It’s a tall order, sure, but the staff at Gritty Press believes each sunrise brings the promise of adventure. It’s up to us to sniff the morning breeze and follow that trail. (After a cup of coffee!)

Team Gritty helps others find their own Inner Gritty with our exclusive and growing line of Gritty Goods and Gritty Gear including Books, Calendars, T-shirts, Hats, Mugs, Brass Knuckles, Moccasins, Whipsaws, Biplanes, Real Live Angry Weasels, and more, much more….

Keep Calm? Nah. Keep It Gritty.™

Team Gritty

The Mayos run Gritty Press and rove North America in search of hot coffee, tasty whiskey, and high adventure. Stop by their blog, Trail Dust, to keep up with their latest missives from the road, but watch where you step—the tarantulas are loose again.

And remember—Keep It Gritty.™

Team Gritty (Jennifer Smith-Mayo and Matthew P. Mayo), Glacier National Park, Montana

Team Gritty (Jennifer Smith-Mayo and Matthew P. Mayo), Glacier National Park, Montana

Jennifer is a professional photographer and instructor whose work has taken her across the United States, throughout Europe, and to Africa and Brazil. She has photographed a number of books and calendars, and her work has appeared in Down East magazine, GQBig Sky Journal, Western Art & Architecture, National Geographic, The New York Times, Vice, Wine Spectator, and numerous other publications. Jen has worked as an adjunct instructor for the University of Maine and other institutions. When she’s not on assignment, Jen teaches digi-photo workshops, and has been a guest instructor for the Boomer Reporting Corps. For the full lowdown on Jennifer’s work, visit: www.JenniferSmithMayo.com.

Matthew is an award-winning writer and freelance editor of magazines and anthologies. He is the author of more than two-dozen books, both novels and non-fiction, and dozens of short stories. His novel, Tucker’s Reckoning, won the Western Writers of America’s 2013 Spur Award for Best Western Novel. He is also a Spur Award- and a Peacemaker Award-finalist. His short stories appear in a variety of anthologies and magazines, and he contributes to several series of popular adventure novels. He also collaborated with his wife, photographer Jennifer Smith-Mayo, on a series of popular hardcover books. Stop by www.MatthewMayo.com for a chin-wag and a cuppa mud.

Guy relaxes at the pool, resting up before his next big Gritty mission

Guy relaxes at the pool, resting up before his next big Gritty mission.

Guy is a top-secret, triple-agent, ninja-cowboy-superspy-biker-multimillionaire with a taste for whiskey and bold adventure. He also starred in a series of high-grossing foreign films, but that’s all he’s saying about them at present. Don’t let his demure stature fool you—Guy is a master of the House of Kon-Tiki Flying Spin-Kick and will not hesitate to use it, should the need arise…. Also, Guy rocks.

Gritty Hall of Fame

PS: Wooly Mammoths may or may not have been rendered extinct because of this awesome website. But they were tasty. 



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