Fur, Fang & Shadow

Fur, Fang & Shadow

Looking for a few minutes of respite from the hustle and bustle of modern life? A way to relax as you commute? A few quiet moments to decompress? You won’t find it in the e-pages of FUR, FANG & SHADOW, a Trio of Gritty Press Creepy Creature Short Stories!

Instead, you’ll find a triple-shot of short stories about freakish beasties by award-winning author Matthew P. Mayo:

Uncle Joe is having a rough week, rough year, rough life. Then he encounters a rare viper under his porch and Joe’s countdown begins.

What does the little imp in the tree want? Is he causing the narrator’s life to fall apart? Is he even there?

Orrie the carny won the caged man-beast in a card game. But now he can’t afford to keep him. What to do? Orrie has a solution. So does the beast.

(Gritty Press is not responsible for physical and mental damage resulting from the reading of these stories….)

Available now: Kindle | NOOK | KOBO

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