The Witch Hole Cover

Just when you thought it was safe for the kids to go out and play, Gritty Press brings you its freakiest offering yet (available now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and KOBO!):


A Gritty Press Short Story of Ancient Terror
By award-winning author Matthew P. Mayo

Who Dares Enter the Lair of No Return?

He is warned — never enter the cave, for it is said that evil dwells there. But he is young and lured by lust. He stumbles forward into the gloom … and finds himself trapped for eternity, the latest guest in a hellish trophy room as old as time itself. And his host? A shamanistic creature with a taste for….

Weird! Chilling! Astounding! THE WITCH HOLE will leave readers jumpy, disturbed, and desperate for a way out!

Hunt down your own copy of THE WITCH HOLE today (at AmazonBarnes & Noble or KOBO), but if the tots run screamin’, don’t say we didn’t warn ya….

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