Hot New Gritty Short Story Release:
Bad vacations never end, they just get worse….

Been a Long TimeA Gritty Press Short Story of Neverending Torment by award-winning author Matthew P. Mayo.

Ready for the vacation of a lifetime? What if it lasted forever … and ever … and ever?

He was looking for a vacation, a getaway to fulfill childhood fantasies. He was finally going to be a cowboy. An honest-to-god, fast-ridin’, quick-shootin’, hard-drinkin’ cowboy. And a highly recommended time-travel company was going to make it happen.

He should have been worried when the pretty attendant strapping him in said the machine’s problems were finally fixed. All the bugs had been worked out….

He should have said something. But now it’s much too late. He is trapped in a run-down, fly-blown, forsaken Western town he can’t leave. Each day repeating, each day worse than the last. Trapped. With no hope of escape. Ever.

Oh, the horror of it all! It’s another tooth-grinding, eye-rolling, freaky Gritty Press Short Story, by award-winning author Matthew P. Mayo, that will help convince readers to never, ever, under any circumstances, take a vacation. Ever!

Available: Kindle | NOOK | KOBO

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