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Team Gritty is Cookin’….

Not too late for summer road trips where campfire cookery is king, so we present two of Team Gritty’s favorite recipes—Team Gritty Dutch Oven Chicken followed with a heapin’ helpin’ of Team Gritty’s Lip Smackin’ Apple Sauce! We hear you saying, “That’s great, Team...

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Team Gritty Saddles Up & Heads West!

This summer Team Gritty set off on a rip-roaring research trip from Maine to Walla Walla, Washington, and back again (all told, we clocked 6,994 miles!). And our big news is that we have added a new adventure mobile to our team: a TC Teardrop 5x10 camper. Since we...

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Gritty Press is pleased to announce the release Matthew P. Mayo’s novelette, SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE FOLLY OF FLIGHT, an aeronautical adventure of high-flying proportions! The rowdy tale teams master detective Sherlock Holmes and his stalwart sidekick, John H. Watson, M.D., with wily French dandy, master thief Arsene Lupin. Are they too late to foil the formidable Lord Ruddy’s murderous scheme? Will a famed French aeronaut’s plans for the ultimate flying machine fall into the clutches of Germany’s notorious Count von Zeppelin?

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Hot off the griddle, it's the latest sizzling lunch special from Gritty Press: GET TEAGUE!, a gritty short story of redneck revenge. White-trash dimwits Judd and Kurl set out on a drug-fueled mission to track down the man they blame for their addictions — they aim to...

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Team Gritty & the New HQ

Where, oh where, has Team Gritty been? Ah ha! You mean aside from the 12 months of full-time roving all over the US map? Of poking and prodding and flipping over rocks in 40 states?

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Autumn Ride (and Catch-up!)

Hoo-wee!—it’s time to catch up! In late August Team Gritty decided to go for an autumn ride…a long, long ride. From Bozeman, Montana, we pointed Snowy the Tiger in a northeasterly direction and struck out on a 3,000 mile journey…

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